What We Do For Search

doforsearch_feat_2 Since BCSAR is the main agency in our county responsible for conducting a search for a missing subject, all team members participate in the search function. This responsibility includes “taking charge” of a search by directing the logistics necessary to move equipment and personnel to the scene, ensuring that the search is conducted efficiently and thoroughly.  Currently, this “Command/Overhead” aspect of search is the focus for 12% of our membership. Our team is responsible for physically searching for individuals or locating and investigating any clues, whether as a ground searcher, part of a K9 team, a motorized team or a spotter in a helicopter.  Our ground teams may be deployed with maps and detailed coordinates for a search area.  These ground teams must be constantly looking and listening for the subject and at the same time, scanning the search area for clues and evidence. Being a ground searcher may at times seem overwhelming but fortunately, we have help!  Over 25% of the team is involved with the K9 team either as handlers or specially trained support members. Our motorized team, which is 35% of our members, operates watercraft and a variety of off-road vehicles, while training for most weather conditions. While we have a large variety of specialized vehicles, a number of our members use their own vehicles outfitted for our mission.