Prospective members wishing to join our team must complete our physical fitness evaluation. This evaluation is a prerequisite for attending our new member Academy. The evaluation consists of a CalOES Type-2 fitness hike, which means the hike is 8 miles in length, 500ft elevation gain, with a 20lb pack (before adding water) and must be completed in 3 hours or less. Qualifying at Type 1 is under 2.5 hours.  It is encouraged that prospective members attempt this hike before applying to the team. 

Main Hike:

The hike begins at the North Rim Trailhead parking lot and progresses out along Middle Trail until it hits the park road. Upon intersection with the park road, head up hill for roughly 1 mile, then turn around and come back the way you came!  A detailed map can be found here:

Alternate Hike:

The hike begins at the Cedar Grove parking lot in lower Bidwell Park, between the Chico Creek Nature Center and Parkview Elementary. The hike takes you north east into Upper Park along the North Rim Trail. Once you’ve reached the high tension power lines, a right on the Redbud trail takes you down to the lower trail, to Upper Park Road, and back to lower park. A detailed map can be found here:



The Physical Fitness Evaluation form may be downloaded here: PhysicalFitnessEvaluation