BCSAR Member Spotlight: Ashton!

➡️  What made you want to join BCSAR? I have always wanted to join the BCSAR team. I think it is important to teach my kids that they need to volunteer in some way in the community they live in. BCSAR is an incredible way to show them how their mom gives back to their community. I love getting to give back and helping people on their worst days.

➡️  On average, how many hours per month do you give to BCSAR? On average I spend anywhere from 15-20 hours a month with the BCSAR team.

➡️  Where do you work? I work as an emergency room nurse at Enloe Medical Center. This has been my job for many years so BCSAR seemed to fit right in!

➡️  Other than SAR, what do you like to do in your free time? With a full-time job and BCSAR, there isn’t a lot of free time, but all of my free time is spent with my two beautiful girls making memories.

➡️  What is your favorite part of being on the team? Other than getting to help people in our community, I love the incredible people on the team. It’s like one big family and I have enjoyed getting to know people I may not have crossed paths with otherwise. I also enjoy being able to do so many things! From helicopters to canines, to repelling down a mountain, it’s never boring!

What’s the best way to thank members like Ashton?  By donating in their honor.