Currently, the team has four mission ready K9′s certified in a variety of search disciplines. Our K9′s are often mellow, ordinary family pets until the sound of the pager or the sight of their gear being loaded into a car transform them. Once given their search command, it becomes their handler’s duty to ensure the well-being and safety of their partner. These dogs epitomize the descriptor, “Man’s Best Friend”, as they work tirelessly, in the cold of winter and the heat of summer, day or night, with little regard for themselves. They ask very little in return since their “job” is so important to them. After hours in the field and a successful “find”, they are satisfied with a special food treat or play time with whatever is their “best toy ever”.

Journey is a Wirehair Pointing Griffon, a hunting breed with great potential for scent work.  Journey was selected by her handler for her evidence of interest in both scent and working.  Journey’s handler has been a high level trainer for many years in dog agility, showing and obedience. She and her dogs have won many awards together.
Journey is a SAR area search dog, as well as firearm detection dog.  Journey loves running in the orchards to keep up her fitness and is great with adults and children alike. Her handler gives Journey her favorite reward for successful finds: a cupcake!



Spinner is a 2 ½ year old black Labrador Retriever and is a mission ready trailing dog in Butte County. She is currently finishing her sign off’s for CARDA and is also working on her certification for Human Remains Detection/Cadaver. When Spinner isn’t working, you can find her chasing a ball, swimming or both. Her rewards for a find are hot dogs and a tennis ball. You can sometimes find her at the office with her handler who works for Butte County.

Eris is a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois and is a Mission Ready Area dog. She is currently working on her certification for Firearms detection and Cadaver/Human Remains. Eris was “gifted” to her handler as a fully trained search K9 and was able to “teach” her new handler the ropes in only six months. Eris’ favorite thing? People! Soft petting and ear scratches are heaven for her. A close second is accompanying her handler on daily runs and chasing lacrosse balls. Eris’ handler works in the dental field and is also involved with animal rescue.
Quill is a 1 year old Weimaraner with a great enthusiasm for human remains detection. We started her training soon after we brought her home at 8 weeks of age. She is very energetic and loves to work. She came from a long line of working dogs from a breeder in Galt. I’m very fortunate to have her and look forward to our future working together.


Surf is a beautiful 3 year old white German Shepherd. She started training at 15 months for trailing. She has many search and rescue (SAR) dogs in her bloodline. Her handler noticed her love of scentwork and came to SAR. She is a happy girl and loves to work. She has completed all of her obedience and agility signoffs for CARDA and is working on her trailing signoffs/tests. She hopes to become Mission Ready this year and then she can respond in Butte County and out of county with CARDA. Her favorite reward is to be chased.