When asked, “What do you enjoy the most about BCSAR,” many members responded with more than one answer. We are an extremely diverse team of individuals and the camaraderie, friendships and feeling of “team” or togetherness is significant for almost all members.

The discipline of “search” was important to many with the opportunity to assist someone in need and make a difference. But many also appreciated the puzzle that is presented with each and every search and the opportunity to spend time outdoors in some fabulous locations around our county.

Yes, there is also that sense of excitement and the adrenaline rush when the pager goes off. Many of us get an opportunity to train and do things we wouldn’t normally have a chance to do. Ever want to know what it feels like to “fly” beneath a helicopter, shoot down rapids in just a wetsuit, or watch a K9 solve a problem we can’t even imagine solving? We recognize the importance of training, and training for a variety of situations, so that we are prepared and ready to help when needed.

Overwhelmingly though, the common answer to “why we do this,” is the opportunity to help others in need, particularly when that need may be critical. Our members feel search and rescue work gives them the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to our community and to have a sense of a job well done.