In 2007, Butte County Search & Rescue was honored to receive a Tucker Snow Cat donated by Pacific Gas & Electric Company. BCSAR members spent several weekends customizing it to fit our needs. This included installing  public safety radios, attachments to carry a Stokes litter, and affixing our logo. Transfer Flow of Chico custom designed a fuel storage system providing 2-30 gallon saddle tanks and transfer system. The Snocat carries emergency food, first-aid, and survival gear necessary for rescuers and victims to spend the night in a snowstorm.

Specifics: Tucker 1643 DRE, 7 Passenger Cab, Cummins Diesel 6-BTA 177 H.P. Engine,  Allison AT-545 Automatic Transmission,  Transfer Flow custom 60 Gallon Diesel storage

BCSAR Snowcat  BCSAR Snowcat BCSAR Snowcat