BCSAR Member Spotlight: Dennis! 👋

➡️ What made you want to join BCSAR? Many, many years ago I was working for the Town of Paradise – and a father and 3 kids went missing while hunting for a Christmas tree (The 2007 Dominguez Search). Butte County SAR launched a major search effort, covered worldwide by every major media outlet. SAR […]

BCSAR Member Spotlight: Brittany! 👋

➡️ What made you want to join BCSAR? I love helping people, and I was looking for a place to volunteer in my free time. I saw a lot of rescues that were able to happen because of the people who volunteer with BCSAR, and the special equipment they train with and knew that would […]

BCSAR Member Spotlight: Noelle! 👋

➡️  What made you want to join BCSAR? Well – I had this puppy named Spinner…. and the rest is history. I had always thought search and rescue work could be fascinating and finally got off my behind and went to a meeting. ➡️  On average, how many hours per month do you give to […]